Stove Love

20 Feb

Ittybittybungalow just got a new stove! After searching craigslist for several unsuccessful weeks for vintage stoves I gave up and folded on this Chambers Model C stove from an antique dealer just outside of town. It was in very good condition and it had all the parts. Moreover, it is 38 inches wide and the spot in the house for the stove in 38.5 so it will fit just right. Makes me wonder if Ittybittybungalow had one originally, since most older stoves were about 40 inches wide, which would have required me to made changes to the cabinets at an additional expense.

These Chambers stoves are built like tanks! The come with three burners on top a built in griddle, what they call a “well” which is like a crock pot from what I understand as well as the oven below and a warming oven to the side.I don’t think I paid too much but I don’t think I got a deal either. I guess I paid what it was worth. It was however, less expensive than a new stove. Plus it its waaaay cooler. The antique dealer was nice enough to agree to hold it until closing and deliver it for 25.oo and I can mail the check down on Monday which saves me a trip out so all in all I consider this a win.

I can’t wait to get it cleaned up and into the kitchen.

One Response to “Stove Love”

  1. Karen Anne May 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM #

    I just swooned. What a stove! You lucky person!

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