One lonely chair in search of five friends.

21 Feb

See this chair?

Good Form Metal Side Chair

I have one that I found on the curb last winter over in the South Wedge and I would like more. I would really like six, but I’d be happy with four. So here’s the deal. I know that they are kicking around in people’s basements, sheds, attics and most often in their offices. I won’t ask any questions about how you got them, or where they came from. Just know that I will take very good care of them. But seriously… If you have any leads that would be fantastic.

Update 2/22:

I’ve come to find out that these are called Navy Chairs. They are still made by a company called Eamco. You can pick one up for around 400.00. Yikes! I got mine for free. Granted mine was made by a company called Goodform… but it’s still worth about 150 bucks according to eBay. Why are they called Navy Chairs? Well here’s the scoop. Back in WWII the US Navy needed chairs that were sturdy, cheap and that wouldn’t rust in the salty air. Hence the Navy Chair. Its made of one continuous piece of aluminum with no seams and no welds to break. Being aluminum it won’t rust either. Let’s just say 150 bucks a chair doesn’t fit into the budget at IBB. If you find one for me I’ll give you a pat on the back.  

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