A Day in the Field

27 Feb

Had a great day knocking around the sticks today. It’s too bad IBB is on a budget, just too bad. Lets recap:

First we went to what has to be like the coolest place I have ever been when it comes to vintage treasures. It was three stories high and packed the gills, and I mean A&E Horders style gills. Apparently, this fellow has this whole warehouse full of stuff and often supplies them as props to furnish movie and tv show sets. It’s too bad that IBB is on an itty bitty budget. The place had everything from Eastlake to Eames Era, rooms for lighting, rooms for tables and chairs, rooms for art and so on. Sigh.

Next, we went to an antique shop a bit further out. The thing I love about this shop is the knack  that the owner has for assembling small collections that really make ordinary items dynamite. It might be a bowl of worn croquet balls a grouping of clock pendulums or a set of wooden juggling pins everything looked better groups.

It was here where I became an unlucky contestant in a game I like to call Wants vs. Needs. Down in the basement was the front porch glider of my dreams. It was a two-seater, not too big, not too small, in pretty good shape and it had a great pattern cut into the back. Something that could have looked like this on my porch:

It was a really good price too. To bad.

But don’t despair there is a happy ending to today’s story. A good friend of my uncle’s heard  me mention the fact that I was looking to assemble a collection of paint by numbers. When he got home he pulled out these beautys. And then bang! Instant paint by numbers collection! No game show necessary. I have to remember to write a thank you card tomorrow.

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