6 Mar

I’ve done a lot of blogging and I haven’ posted any interior shots of the house yet. Here are the pictures of IBB from the real estate listing.

This is the front porch. Yeah, its pink AND it has red carpet. Clearly, changes are in order.  The storm windows are fantastic. I love the three over one design. All of the porch windows are removable, so those will be coming out as soon as the snow melts. There are few things I dislike as much as an enclosed front porch, it just doesn’t seem neighborly. Under that awful red carpet are great wooden planks. I think I’ll put in a new porch light and once the aluminum siding is torn off and the orignal clapboard exposed I’ll paint the whole house. Porch included.

In this picture you’re standing in the dinning room and looking into the living room. One of the great things about IBB is that a lot of the woodwork is still unpainted. In both the living and dinning room there is also crown molding. These rooms are going to be the Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog color which is a blue/gray.  The Jorun rug goes into the living room with my existing gray couch and love seat  . I’m also going to make vintage style roller shapes with scalloped edges to replace the binds and then hand the Robert Allen drapes over the top. They’ll be something like this:




Here is a second shot of the living room. In  this picture you can see where the old fireplace used to be. A long-term goal of IBB will be to replace that. In the meantime. I’ll put the TV between the two little windows and place the couches around it.


 This next picture is of the second bedroom. The shelves will be removed and reused in the garage. This room gets the Martha Stewart Fig color and the trim in the room will be Martha Stewart Picket Fence because the woodwork is already painted. Roller shades for the windows and fresh cream colored drapes. My roommate can figure out the rest.

This last image is of the second floor. Eventually, I mean a LONGtime from now this will be the master bedroom. I’ll add some dormer windows and a bathroom somehow. Between now and then it’s going to be storage.

And there they are. All the pictures I have of the house as of now. You can see the kitchen in the Kitchen Talk post from last week and I have no pictures of the master bedroom or the bathroom.

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