This is what obsessive looks like

20 Mar

Alright I think I might have gotten a little carried away here. First, I was going to get the navy chairs to surround my dinning room table. Then I found out that when I found the one I have on the side of the road, I should have run right to 7-11 to play the lotto because that was a minor miracle. If I want to buy three more vintage ones they are going to run me around 100 bucks each, plus shipping. If I want three new ones that’ll be about 400 each. Feelin a little defeated, I did a little hunting and came up with this option  

These guys (Steel Silvertone Side Chair) are 136.99 for a pair. Which means that for four (even though we really want six) It would cost 273.98. That stings a little bit and so they were ruled out along with the idea of the Navy Chair.

Cut to Scene Two: The School House Chair. It began with the arm chair that I found at the thrift store a few weeks back. I thought I could find three more to match it minus the arms. I was incorrect. A couple weeks of trolling Craigslist and scavenging at estate sales and we’ve assembled quite a team. If you take a look at the first picture I’ll give you the rundown. From the left:  Office Chair, East Avenue estate sale on half price day 10.00, the next came off Craigslist from a downsizing family in Webster 15.00,followed by the Canal Street Thrift store find at 5.99, the next chair was gleaned from an estate sale in Gates, also on half price day for 7.50, the last chair is a friend of the second chair, they were a package deal in Webster for another 15.00. The total of all five chairs being 53.49. That’s a Billy Fuccillo style HUGE cost savings… especially when you consider the fact that you have to remove the rolly chair from the line up because he really has nothing to do with the dinning room table, that drops the total to 43.49 or about 10 bucks a chair. Win.

Now let’s chat about the new dilemma. I like things to match. I mean I really like things to match. I know that I could look really trendy and hip if I painted them all black and made them a family but I’m just really kind of on the fence about it. A lot of it has to do with my deep-seated matching issues, but some of it has to do with the fourth chair from the left. Maybe its just that he hasn’t been painted yet but he is a little taller and boxier than the rest of the chairs. I think it’s a little red headed stepchildish. Meanwhile on the big O, no, not Oprah, we found these:

These chairs (the Slat Black Rubberwood Dinning Chairs) are 147.99 for all four. But what the hell is Rubberwood? Well according to my very esteemed Google research it is an environmentally friendly wood source. They grow it in Southeast Asia for latex, then when the tree stops producing they use the wood for furniture and engineered lumber. So they all match,  they are black like I wanted and they are a pretty good deal. Hence the dilemma.

Right now I’m leaning toward the Rubberwood Chairs, actullay I take that back..maybe I just need to look for something else to replace the stepchild? I’m really not sure.

What do you think?

4 Responses to “This is what obsessive looks like”

  1. gjacobs March 21, 2011 at 10:46 AM #

    From someone who has been there, I would warn you to stay away from the inexpensive chairs. They don’t last. They wobble. They break. They look cheap. What if you slipcovered the group in an awesome matching print?

  2. Karen Anne May 17, 2011 at 8:54 AM #

    I arrived here from StuccoHouse’s tour, so I’m reading things in pieces and you have probably already decided.

    I send gjacobs about inexpensive wobbly chairs.

    I like the three leftmost chairs in your photo. I think the non-office chais ones would look great cleaned up and with seat cushions tied on. The office chair I am not so sure about, but I am hoping it’s wood with strippable paint. I wouldn’t use it at the dining room table, though, even if it cleans up nicely, I’d use it elsewhere.

    The two chairs on the right, eh 🙂 Just not doing it for me with the age of the house.

    I would keep looking for more chairs of the vintage and style of the ones on the left. No law that says you need to get everything right away. You have the righthand chairs in the meantime, so people have something to sit on.

    I think even those aren’t identical, getting ones with that type of finish and approximately same size will look well.

  3. Karen Anne May 17, 2011 at 8:54 AM #

    second gjacobs, I meant second, not send. Sigh.

  4. Karen Anne May 17, 2011 at 8:57 AM #

    Okay, I see from the next post that you solved this – those chairs are great.

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