Murphy’s Law

21 Mar

image 2235485159-0

So… a while back I e-mailed this guy about these chairs, and he never wrote back.

Well… guess who called today?

Anyways he says he has seven of them and he would like 100 dollars. That’s a pretty good deal I think. They do need to be re-cained in the seats, which I can totally learn how to do. As you can see here:

image 2235485159-3

But they all match and are for the most part the style that I was shooting for. So I’m driving out to Buffalo  to get them on Wednesday afternoon. Sigh.

These chairs are made by the Heywood-Wakefield Company. Heywood-Wakefield was very popular during the 50’s for thier streamlined blonde furniture. Here is an example:

But these chairs are an earlier example of thier work. Here’s how I know this. The tag on the chairs reads Haywood Brothers & Wakefield Company. So Why Haywood Brothers and Wakefield Company instead of just Haywood-Wakefield? Back in the day Haywood and Wakefield were seperate companies and major competition for one another. But in 1897 the companies merged and became known as the Haywood Brothers & Wakefield Company until the name was changed to just The Haywood-Wakefield Company in 1921.That means that these chairs must have been made between 1897 and 1921.

image 2235485159-2

Later we can all play a mean game of musical chairs.

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