28 Mar

We finally closed on Wednesday, March 24th. I and I took Thursday and Friday off to begin the nesting process. Thanks to the remarkable efforts of all my friends and family I was able to get a huge amount of work finished!

Closing went well. I got to keep almost all the extra money I saved that I thought I was going to have to bring to closing. The only extra money I had to spend was 366.00 for the extra heating oil that was left in the tank when the seller moved out. Then through some kind of mumbo jumbo I don’t understand I got about 150.00 back from the seller at closing so I really only spent about 150.00 of that money.We were also able to get another 2,000.00 removed from the mortgage because of some extra grant money left over, thanks to the fantastic help of Legal Aid. Also, the mortgage payment wound up being really great, only thirty dollars more a month than I spent on rent at my first apartment, taxes, insurance and PMI included. Win!

Now, I would like to just stop for a minute and give a plug for The Legal Aid Society of Rochester. They were recommended to me by Neighborworks when I took my First Time Homeowner’s classes. They were fantastic! I felt like the lady who represented me really did a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend them to anyone else. Thier fee was also VERY reasonable. So if there are any Legal Aid peeps out there reading this THANK YOU!

A second shout out goes to the First Home Club. This was the grant that made it all possible. I’m really glad I did my research and found out about this grant. It covered all my closing costs and the down payment. The only money that I paied out-of-pocket to move in was for a bank appraisal wich was about 300.00, a home inspection again about 300.00 and the 300.00 (technically 150.00ish) for the heating oil in the tank. The grant which was about 7,500 covered the rest. Thank you First Home Club.

Moving on to moving in, this place was filthy. I mean dis-custing. So I spent all day on Thursday and Friday scrubbing it. Everything was washed top to bottom the walls and the ceilings and light fixtures. Once that was complete I had lots of friends over on Thursday night for some wine and casual house tours. Friday evening my friend John came to help me move in all of my big stuff  and a school friend , Emily took the before shots of the house which was another big help, because I wouldn’t have been able to do either of these tasks myself.

Once I was in we started painting and organizing. I’m going to leave off here. When I get the before and after pictures I’ll publish all about that in a separate post.

2 Responses to “Closed”

  1. Dawn March 29, 2011 at 12:33 PM #

    I like how you refer to Em as your school friend. haha!

  2. Ruth June 5, 2012 at 7:15 PM #

    Have been reading back through old posts– somehow was imagining you were a single *lady* schoolteacher, so surprised to see the picture of you with the sold sign. Love what you’ve done so far, the place looks great and I love your taste and budget style.

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