The Living Room

28 Mar

Ok folks get ready for the first transformation post from IBB. So far we have been a whole lotta talk and not much action. Here are the before shots of the living room. Here you’ll notice the dirtiest drapes I ever laid eyes on as well as the filthy blinds. As soon as I got the keys the drapes were removed, I saved the blinds just in case I think that they are more retro then they are dated, but I doubt that.




Then the walls and moldings were washed up and polished. The ceiling was painted and the walls received two coats of Nantucket Fog. Which turned out to be a little less foggy then we thought, but its ok. Floors were polished and the furniture loaded in. Turns out, my A-number-one concern, which was if my furniture would fit was nothing to worry about. I mean there’s not really extra space but its adequate.

So here they are… the “during” photos. Now, it’s clearly not really finished.I still need to hang my artwork, replace the sconces and switch plate and figure out something else for the TV to sit on. Also, I’m not sold on keeping that side chair, However here is a little sneak peek at the final project. Stay tuned for a cost and play by play analysis.


2 Responses to “The Living Room”

  1. gjacobs March 29, 2011 at 10:00 AM #

    Congratulations! What a difference cleaning and paint make. I love your window treatment. The whole room looks fabulous. Riley Cat seems at home too.

  2. joe April 6, 2011 at 12:27 AM #

    great job buddy! love your aesthetic 🙂

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