How NOT to spend your weekend.

3 Apr

You know how NOT to spend you weekend? Well, yes.. I’m sure you have lots of ideas yourself but let me just add one to the list. Replacing the window sash weight cords in your windows. In case you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about here is an illustraion from do-it-yourself


diagram of a double hung window


So… the long and the sort of it was  that I really didn’t know what I was doing. I wound up basically dismantling the whole window.  I removed the moldings and labeled their location, next I broke away all the old paster to expose the lath strips. Following that I cut the ends of the lath strips open with a jigsaw to expose the window well (the part where the weights hang out). I went to Black’s Hardware and got new cording for the weights and then removed the window frames and installed the rope after stripping the old hardware from years of caked on paint. Then I reassembled the frame calked and puttied the molding and then sanded and repainted the whole kit and cubudle. The last step was to call my uncle and complain about how much I hated this job, and how i really didn’t think it was worth doing…thats when he told me their was a way easier way.


In other news… some positive things did happen this weekend. The first is that the rank (the previous owner’s crud) has been banished from the bedroom. The bedroom is now “Weekend Getaway Green” (Sage) and things are finally looking up in here. I still have some patching to do in some spots and the walls and ceilings will need another coat but all in all there has been significant progress in so far as I feel a lot better about sleeping in there.

I also went to Silver Creek on Saturday and bought those chairs that I wanted off of Craigslist. I got all seven of them for 100 dollars and they are perfect and very sturdy! So I get them refinished to match my table and we’ll be all set.

I got a little bit of spring fever and I removed the windows from the front porch. The front ones came out easily in one big piece and the sides just unclipped and popped out with a little coaxing. I labeled them and put them in the garage for the winter.

I met the neighbor next door. I thought they were flipping the house but it turns out they are just renovating before they move in. From what I have seen it seems to be a man, his wife and two small kids. How suburban. Anyways, he seems pretty nice so  that’ll be great. In other neighbor news I went to have wine with Elyse on Saturday night and she gave me the skinny on the rest of the hood. She lives in the Tudor across the street,  and I’m glad to know someone around here.

Lastly, I went to an estate sale on Friday after school. I got a few things like and old croquet set, some antique Christmas ornaments and most notably a large steamer trunk. Its back and has brass hardware and  the initials M.E.B. painted on both sides about 6 inches tall, that was my favorite part. It was half price day so I got it for 32.50 and it looks great at the foot of my bed.

Oh! PS

We don’t have any internet at IBB yet so that’s why you haven’t been hearing as much lately!

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