Window Boxes and a New Walk

10 May


Check out the newest updates on the front lawn.

Two window boxes which I made from wood and will paint to match the trim on the house.
Two Japanese Maples from the Public Market on either sides of the house
and a new walk to the front door.

You can see that there is an issue in  the middle which needs to be sorted out and I need to plant in the creeping Thyme in between the pavers but its finished for the most part and it much wider and more comfortable to use than the old sidewalk.

Here is a closer look at the window boxes. They are really the first thing I ever built out of wood myself. I know it would have been better if I had mitered the corners but that was above my current skill set. They were really inexpensive to make at about 12.00 each. The brackets were kind of expensive I think 7.00 each but I think they really  make  the whole thing work. You could do it much more cheaply if you had the know-how  and tools to make them yourself.

Tomorrow I’m headed out to pick out some Hostas and other plants from a lady who posted on Craigslist. She is cleaning out her flower beds and is offering whatever anybody wants for 2.00 and 4.oo each which is really going to same me some major cash.

Lastly, here is a look at one of the Japanese Maples I scored for 25.00 under the window box beside the porch.

Total spent on the front yard:

50.oo – Two Japanese Maples
60.00 – Walkway Pavers
18.00 – Mulch
65.00 – Window Boxes

Total: 193.00

I still need to plant some grass and flowers, paint, and some other things but overall I think that the phase one finish line is in sight.

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