A New Pantry

6 Jun



In the process of getting settled in the kitchen I quickly found out that the cabinet space was just fine for dishes, pots and pans but there wasn’t really a spot to keep the kinds of food you don’t use often. I figured that I was going to have to buy a couple of cheap-o particle board cabinets from Target to keep in  the basement, but they were 50.00 each and I wanted two. It wasn’t a lot of money but still somewhere that I wasn’t game to drop 100 bucks. Then I found this on Craigslist! Real wood, $45.00 and free delivery,  slam dunk! The guy brought it over that afternoon and I removed the hardware and stripped it clean of the paint, sanded it and repainted it white. Once I was finished it set it up right at the base of the stairs in the cellar from the kitchen. Here is what it looks like now:


I had to remove a the molding from the top because it was really screwed up so aside from replacing that I think we are all set.

One Response to “A New Pantry”

  1. Karen Anne June 7, 2011 at 8:22 PM #

    Looks super!

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