Back in Business

6 Jun

Hooray! The kitchen doors have been painted and I added the extra molding to the outsides like I wanted. It was a good-sized project but it’s almost done now. I rehung them and I still need another finish coat of paint but at least the kitchen is a little more functional. You can see that I added new hardware to the drawers, I still have to add new pulls to the doors once they are painted. I am currently looking for some roman shades for the kitchen windows, but I think I am going to have to wind up sewing them myself, since I am so picky. The ones I like are here, from Dwell Studio and cost a small fortune. These are them:


The new floor tile is on the way and should be here on Friday and hopefully I can lay it sometime next week. Once that is in I only need to paint the back hallway, do window restoration and figure out the exterior paint and all  the major year one stuff if done! Then I can start to save up for new electrical work and for the house to be insulated and for driveway repairs and for the attic to be finished and for…

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