Celebration Time

13 Jun

Done! Finished the floor tonight. I have to say it doesn’t look half bad. My seams are pretty tight except for a couple of spots where the cuts were pretty complicated, but those are mostly under the fridge and under the stove so Its gonna be just fine. Having the right tools made all the difference. When I began the job yesterday I was trying to aviod buying a 50.oo tile cutter from the HD. Well, I cracked afterschool today and bought it and it made all the diffrence in the world. I think I will seal the  gaps with some caulk though just so that water won’t sneak in underneath and damage the subfloor. It feels 1000 times cleaner in the kitchen which is also a huge plus. The old floor just never seemed to get clean, no matter how many times it was washed.

Tomorrow, I will replace the quarter-round molding to cover the edges and chalk in my gaps. I’ll also try to finish up  the backsplash and put the final coat of paint on the counter. Leaving me to order a new faucet which I found on Overstock, search for the perfect light fixture, replace the cabinet hardware, install the stove and hang curtains. All do-able.

Can’t wait to cook my first real meal in here!

One Response to “Celebration Time”

  1. Jayne June 14, 2011 at 12:29 AM #

    Awesome! Love the checkered floor with those gold walls. It really pops!

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