The Free Game

7 Aug

This weekend at Ittybittybungalow I played a little game I like to call How Many Projects Can You Do For Fee? Here is what I won:

This heat grate  used to be covered in pink paint. I stripped it and two others with a can of spray stripper and a brass brush I already had.

I cleaned out the junk, then swept and washed the floor in the garage and then hung my tools and bike up on hooks that I already had.

I finally finished the scraping, painting and repairing the seats (except for one) on the patio set I bought this spring.

I hung up the new hose reel that I bought last month and trimmed the grass along the side of the house.

I also finished up the the little bit of unfinished backsplash that was left by the stove AND…. put the second coat of paint on the countertop!

After I painted the back hall and rehung this door it wouldn’t lock for like a week (that was a secert that I was not sharing on the internet) So I planed the door and tightened the hinges and wah-la. And yes, we still use the skeleton key.

I also never replaced the hardware on the milk door after painting. So I stripped them of thier paint crock-pot style and re attached them. I still have touch ups to do in this room as you can see.

Then I cleaned up the patio and planted some flowers in the blue pots that were given to me. (ok, that cost me about three bucks)

I also went pretend shopping, where I  measured for things and shopped for the best deal to pick out everything for next weekend ( I get paid Friday) So there you have it everything I did this weekend!

2 Responses to “The Free Game”

  1. Gloria E. Jacobs August 7, 2011 at 8:42 PM #

    Very nice! I love playing that game too. It’s so satisfying. This weekend, I finished putting in all the compost and used some of the old bricks we had to make a little walkway through one of the gardens. I’ll have to post pix. And I’m envious of your organized garage. I’m so tired of living in chaos.

  2. Beach Bungalow August 7, 2011 at 9:06 PM #

    Well I’m impressed!

    Love your milk door.


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