DIY Roman Shades and Epic Fail

27 Sep

When I finished the kitchen, I knew I wanted Roman Shades for the windows, unfortunately there were a couple of issues standing in the way of the completion of the project:

I have expensive taste.

(The Roman Shades I liked just so happened to be off-the-hook expensive)

I really can’t sew very well.

(Roman Shades just happen to be what appears to be a non-novice adventure in sewing)

I am cheap.
(As I have clearly demonstrated time and time again on this blog)

I was able to solve my issues and you can too!  Thanks to A Pretty Cool Life.

For two shades it cost me about 30.00.

15 dollars for three yards of fabric
6 dollars for two sets of mini blinds
3 dollars for the ribbon I used to embellish the shade
3 dollars in no sew hem tape

It took about an hour to do each shade, and after doing the first one, It was much easier to do the second.
I think if I did do it again I’d actually sew the shades instead of using the hem tape but all in all I am very happy with the results.

Be sure to check in at A Pretty Cool Life. to see just how I did it .

I also recovered my dinning room chairs have a look:

And… I had an epic fail when I finally decided it was time to get rid of my old mattress…

The mattress I had been using was purchased in 1989 and was a hand-me-down from my aunt. It was quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing known to man; but dang, mattresses are expensive! So… after lots of bargin hunting I found the shadiest mattress warehouse on Craigslist and went to look. The guy, who was apparently, laying on one of the mattresses watching TV just prior to my arrival walked me around the “showroom” and gave me a really great price on a nice mattress (no bed bugs, I promise). Two days later I called the man and ordered the mattress, cash on delivery. He delivered it the same day and all said and done I am a happy camper. For 420 dollars I think I got more than my money’s worth in comparison to what I had viewed at other stores, by avoiding retail mark up and the overhead associated with it. In fact when I mentioned the competitor to the other mattress dealers, even they said they wouldn’t be able to beat the price with similar quality.

Fast forward to last night. Time to drop the new mattress in the old bed frame:

Epic Fail.

Good thing a new vintage inspired frame is on the way from Salt Lake City via

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