A 100 Dollar Plumbing Lesson

22 Dec

Good news. I took everyone’s advice and I called a plumber to repair the bathtub drain. I’d be lying if I told you I did it right away. This was the first time I have had to call a professional into IBB and I wasn’t going to surrender without a fight. I tried drain cleaner and failed, I tried to snake the drain and failed, I tried to plunge the drain (and that’s when the water turned black… thinking I was making progress I kept on plunging until every sink in the upstairs stopped draining), epic fail.

Next, I called my Hometrust Warranty which up until now has been worthless, and if it weren’t for them covering this issue I’d have nothing good to say about them. I mean, they wouldn’t even pay a locksmith to repair my front door lock after it broke.  So one simple call and a 100 dollar deducible later it was all fixed.

However, I’d like to elaborate:

When the plumber came out, and said my pipes really should be replaced.To which I promptly replied that  unless Hometrust Warranty was going to pony up for that then he was gonna need to figure something else out. Meanwhile I used my best annoyed teacher skills to  shoot him the sternest “that idea is unacceptable” look I could muster up (I happen to be quite good at that one since it gets quite a bit of use at school).

After which he determined where the plug must be and he cut open my a pipe jammed a stick in it and then wrapped it back up with some type of compression sleeve thing.  Thing was… I had already figured the plug was where he said it was and I totally could have taken that 100 bucks and bought my own reciprocating saw and done just what he did. I was pretty frustrated since  that was all that needed to be done, since I could have done it, I just didn’t know how at the time.

Anyways, the important thing is that all the drains are running, and better than ever before. The plumber said that my pipes should last for longer than I need them to and he showed me how to undo the sleeve and shove the stick in the pipe to clear the pipes myself if this ever happens again. So I guess I will just chalk this one up to an experience and just be thankful that it was only a hundred dollars.

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