Merry Christmas From IBB

24 Dec



Here’s the tree I promised to show you weeks ago. We got it from the Boy Scout Tree Lot up the street from us. It’s a Balsam. It’s not very smelly but it hasn’t dropped too many needles, has lots of space for ornaments and can support their weight. Plus its not fat and squatty. I dislike fat and squatty trees! The ornaments are all chartreuse and then I used a heavy duty natural fiber rope from the HD for garland.


Here’s Lisa (my roommate) and and I coming home with the tree strapped to the roof just like in the movies!

















And here is the mantle all dressed up for the holidays. I had to make the stockings myself. I just wasn’t so keen on the idea of the stockings I saw at the store and I wanted a miniature one to match for my cat Riley.


Anyways… Merry Christmas.

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