Take off your skirt.

8 Jan

Alright so, I tried out that rocking chair that  I re-did last week  and in comparison with the rest of the furniture it looked tiny. So I started to look online for an accent chair.  Anything I liked was going to run me around 300 dollars and I couldn’t find anything that I was really in love with. So I happened to stop by a thrift store that I hadn’t shopped at in a while and I came across this chair:


I was pretty excited because it looked a lot like many of the chairs that I had been looking at online. Clean lines, tufted back, and  mid centruy-esque. It was very study had no major signs of wear and had no spots of or stains (that dark spot is a wet spot from some melting snow outside when I unloaded it) I spoke to the clerk and was able to get it for a song- $14.95. I threw it in the car and brought it home. There was only problem- the skirt had to go. Twenty minutes later, we have a winner!

I love it when things are cheaper and easier then you ever thought.

PS. There is a matching one left. – Won’t reveal my source here but if anybody is interested I’d be happy to share the location in private.


2 Responses to “Take off your skirt.”

  1. Karen Anne January 8, 2012 at 7:18 PM #

    What a transformation – it never would have occurred to me to do that. Looks amazing.

  2. Keep Smiling January 18, 2012 at 10:15 PM #

    That is such a great idea! That looks like a different chair!

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