26 Jan

Ok… so in the end, I took nobodies advice.



Not only did I not take anybody’s advice I went with the most boring curtain design ever, and the blinds are still there but I’m open to to idea of a small panel of sheers. I made the curtains myself from the Dwell Studio by Robert Allen material that I had liked for awhile. I did only need a yard and it was 1/2 off so these cost me 17 bucks in fabric, I had the clip rings from the old curtains and then  I spent 2.75 for the curtain rod.They were just hung tonight so they are still hangin’ kinda funny but I’m sure  they’ll relax some over time.

You might also notice that the bathroom is now extra luxurious with the new hand towel ring beside the sink.

And here’s a little something so you can ooh and ah over these major changes.












           Before                                                                    After

One Response to “Curtains”

  1. jayne January 28, 2012 at 10:30 PM #

    I like the curtains!

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