Things are looking up.

13 Mar


That is the ceiling. Normally, I wouldn’t think about tiling this, but the whole premise of this operation was keeping the paint on the upper area of the shower from molding and peeling and the ceiling was a participant in that offence. Its all because of that archway, which traps the moisture in the shower and keeps it from reaching the vent fan.

You can see that I still need to cut all those little pieces near the top (I can think of a zillion other things I’d enjoy more) and when that’s done I think it will look less crude. It was more difficult to place the tile on the ceiling and get the grout lines just right. You really had to load the tile with mortar to get it to sick just right and then you could only play with it so much before it would just fall off. I did the best I could, I mean at the end of the day you gotta realize that this ain’t the Sistine Chapel we’re building here.

Today also marks the third trip to get more tile. I could have saved myself extra trips if I had done the math to figure the amount I would need but that sounds a little too much like a word problem to me, so I’ll keep away from that. I quite honestly believe making three trips to the hardware store has been easier and more enjoyable than doing that math.

So the goals are:
Finish the rest of the ceiling then cut and place all the little pieces for the top before I head in to teach tomorrow.

Then after school I can tile the back of the archway and the outside near the base of the tub since the shower water has been disintegrating the plaster there.

I’m taking Wednesday off because its my birthday and  the celebrations will include an I-HOP breakfast and a field trip to Period Bath to pick out a reproduction shower head and tap set as a little present.

Then I can grout on Thursday.

2 Responses to “Things are looking up.”

  1. jayne March 13, 2012 at 2:17 AM #

    Wow, you tiled the ceiling! Very brave. I think it all looks great. Bet your arms are tired! I’m glad you mentioned that the archway’s keeping the moisture in the shower area, because I was thinking of putting an archway in my bathroom when I remodel. Now I think not.

  2. Ashley @ First Home Dreams March 13, 2012 at 9:59 AM #

    We’re tiling our ceiling with subway tile, too. I found a great tutorial on making a “bulls eye” on the back of your tile so that it creates some sort of suction and doesn’t fall on your head, but I have yet to try it out. We’ll see!

    Your shower looks great.

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