Its done (almost)

17 Mar



The shower is all done!

It still has some grout haze in places which I’m working on removing, there are some paint touch ups that I need to make on the trim surrounding the tile, and the taps are clearly not finished yet but those are all manageable and will be sorted out as time permits.

The important thing is that I can take a shower again comfortably.


These taps took me all day to sort out. I wanted to change the handles to this vintage style but that was much easier said than done without a total plumbing overhaul. Apparently, every manufacturer makes a different locking mechanism for attaching their handles to the valves in the wall. My taps were set up for the American Standard brand. After a trip to Historic Houseparts and Period Bath I thought I had what I needed, but the handles I brought home wouldn’t fit. I headed back out to try another architectural salvage, ReHouse, but they didn’t have anything to help me either. From Rehouse I headed to Home Depot, where a fellow in an orange apron helped me look for quite a while, we did find an option but it was ugly.He looked a little aggravated when I turned it down and left empty handed.

That’s when in desperation I went to Black’s, an independent hardware store where I knew I could at least get someone knowledgeable to give me some ideas. What do ya know, not only did they have advice but a solution and a rather inexpensive one. After explaining my situation they helped me identify the exact type of fitting I needed and then showed me the adapter I could use to add a knob with a universal fitting to the valve. The two handles you see above were exactly what I had in mind and were a great price at $19.99 when others were charging $20.00 each. The middle, diverter valve was not in stock so they ordered that in for me and even gave me the adapters that I needed for free. Thank you Black’s Hardware! The next thing I need to do is to find three escutcheon plate to cover the valves but I do think I saw some at Houseparts that might just work. So I’ll be heading back that way to make some exchanges on Monday.

Now If you’ll excuse me I have a shower I’m looking forward to taking.

2 Responses to “Its done (almost)”

  1. sue March 18, 2012 at 8:52 AM #



  2. lukmanq8 March 1, 2013 at 4:43 AM #

    It is good idea to change the shower curtain by strong color. It could make bathroom design great!

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