Vintage Halloween

11 Oct

I’ve always thought there was something distasteful about plastic decorations, things that move, light-up or make recorded screaming noises, something inauthentic or consumerist about them.I don’t decorate for many holidays, but when I do I try to use natural elements or at least something with a traditional look and feel.

For Halloween, I do have a few of those light up Jack-o-Lanterns which simulate (at least from the street) a real carved pumpkin that I’ll admit to.Otherwise, a few mums,pumpkins and ears of Indian Corn seem to suffice. That was untill I saw these:

Scat Cat Band Cutouts (4/pkg)

Cat Cutouts (4/pkg)

Retro Vintage Halloween Cutouts

Jointed Cat Streamer

Reproduction vintage paper cutouts that are being reproduced by the Bestie Corporation. The images are linked to a supplier. So no, they’re not natural but yet, there is something semi-authentic and charming about them. So I’m going to take it as licence to order a couple.   

One Response to “Vintage Halloween”

  1. Jayne October 11, 2012 at 2:27 PM #

    Those decorations are sooo cool! I might have to order some, too.

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