Tidy Boxes

28 Nov

I really can’t stand not knowing exactly were all my things are all of the time. I hate wasting time looking for my things and wasting money re-buying things and wasting space storing duplicate items. All of that aside, I honestly, have a very deep-seated issue with visual clutter and general disorganization. At school my desk must be clear and clean at the end of everyday. I’ve even gone as far a zip-tying student desks together to keep them from getting out-of-place and heaven forbid you turn a paper into me without a proper heading. If I had to guess I might be able to trace this back to some very through middle school teachers who equated coming unprepared to class as a felony – thanks guys. However, there are some pros to this situation like this project I completed a few weeks back.

The old cabinet I was using to store all these odds and ends was shallow and had no back so things kept falling out and getting lost. So I threw out the old cabinet and put this shelf  I already had in its place. Then I found these plastic bins at Target. The smallest ones were 99 cents each and the larger ones were about two dollars and some change on sale. With some sorting I was able to clean up that mess quickly, easily and inexpensively. As you can see there is even room left to grow. Each box is labeled clearly to show what is inside and each box is sorted by project, for example tiling, sanding,staining, and so fourth. This makes it much easier to grab what you need when you are working on that particular project since you can just grab the whole box and go.

 At the same time I also added these shelves (which are less blury in real life) in the workshop to hold paints and tools. I used pressure treated 2x6s when they were on sale this summer. I think I only paid about twenty dollars to make these shelves which was much less expensive than buying shelves to assemble which I was estimating to cost around eighty to one hundred dollars. I can also fit more on these since they use the entire  space.

All in all, I now feel much more relaxed about the state of affairs in the basement.

One Response to “Tidy Boxes”

  1. Jayne November 29, 2012 at 11:41 AM #

    Could you come to my house and do that?? 🙂 I am really unorganized.

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