We Got A Tree!

30 Nov

After work tonight my roommate and I to went to the Boy Scout tree lot down the street to pick out a Christmas Tree. After poking around for a while we picked one out and had the scouts at the lot give it a fresh-cut. After which they brought it out to our car and asked if we would like them to tie it to the roof. Honestly, the main reason I go there is because they tie to the roof for me and I think its one of the better fundraising ideas I’ve seen for a good cause (mostly). So here we are in the dark playground of the elementary school, it’s snowing and pretty cold. Two scouts follow us out to the car and can’t figure out how to strap thris tree to the roof of the car. Minutes later with have three, and then four scouts. Still no luck getting this tree on  the roof and all I can think is that I am absolutely not getting involved in this fiasco. At this point my roommate and apparently second-rate sidekick taps out and gets in the car turns up the Christmas music. Eventually, my “do not get involved” stance pays off and the scoutmaster comes out and gives the boys a lesson on the slip knot and the proper procedure for executing the job. Success!

Once we got home we decided it was important to take pictures of us with a dead tree strapped to the roof of my car for you to see.


Here’s my roommate testing out the strength of the scouts’ knots. apparently, they passed the test.



…and there’s me.

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