Updating The Electrical Service

9 Dec

Ever since I moved in I knew that I was going to need to update the electric service. Up until now, the house has been on fuses and the meter box was located in the basement which was a major pain. I did get a thousand dollar credit at closing for the necessary upgrades however, that never really translated into real money and there were more pressing issues at the time. Additionally, I’ve never blown a fuse and had few to no problems with the service, aside from issues finding an insurance provider willing to take me.

Well, those days are over. Thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from several members of my family I was able to have the service upgraded, making my home much safer and hopefully translating into an insurance discount. In this picture you can see the old fuse box.



and here is the new, safer service.


Much better.  Thanks everyone, very much appreciated.

One Response to “Updating The Electrical Service”

  1. Jayne December 9, 2012 at 12:53 PM #

    How nice of your family to do that for you! The old fuse box looked pretty scary. I hope you get a big discount on your homeowner’s insurance now that it’s updated.

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