Fireplace Updates

4 Feb

In order to do my due diligence, I stopped by the fireplace store in my neighborhood and they gave me a lot of great information about gas inserts. I learned that the whole operation is really quite simple and could be done without hiring help. I also learned that they are expensive. For the basic model it was going to cost me around $1,400, add to that about $700 for a grill for the front, plus a $200.00 vent. All said and done, we are talking about two grand. While that’s certainly not extremely expensive, there are a lot of other places where two thousand dollars is more desperately needed at the bungalow (like the driveway).

They also had the same electric fireplace insert that was used in  the guest house at A Country Farmhouse on display; and I must say, it really doesn’t look too bad in action.

Next stop… Craigslist!

There is hope. I did find quite a few used options that were less than $500.00 however, there was an awful lot of ’90s bass on them. Granted, I think I could paint away any brass with the high heat spray paint,(like has been done here) but I was less than enthused about the style of the listings. But, I think with any Craigslist endeavor time and persistence will pay off. So for right now I’ll be putting the fireplace on the back burner until I find an appropriate option.

I am however inquiring about this one. Its not perfect but… It might just work.


Its honestly one of the better Craigslist options I have seen and if I can negotiate a little on the price it might be able to be jazzed up a little with nice mantle and some tile.

Speaking of tile…

Since this puppy is being built into the house I think its important to try to be as authentic as possible and I would like to use a little bit of Arts & Crafts style Art Tile like these from Duquella Tile & Clayworks to put into the surround. I must admit even though I like the Arts & Crafts style, I am not very much of an earth tones kinda guy. I like these because they subject matter seems very Arts & Crafts but the colors are not so dreary.



pine conesflower

As I research, I am also learning about something I believe is called Field Tile. It is usually green and has an uneven, but natural looking glaze. You can see an example of it here. I really the color and the subway tilesque used pattern in this application. That firebox also looks very similar to the one I enquired about on Craigslist.

field tile

Hopefully I hear back from the seller with some favorable news. In the meantime just keep you fingers crossed!

3 Responses to “Fireplace Updates”

  1. Gloria February 4, 2013 at 8:24 PM #

    If the Craigslist item doesn’t work out, you might want to reconsider the gas insert. We had one installed this year and it’s become our main heat source (of course our winters are much milder than yours). But in the long run it’s representing savings in that we’re only heating the rooms we live in. We had the added bonus that Oregon Energy Trust was offering a rebate and the stove company was offering a rebate and MIT Energy something or other was. So we ended up with getting close to $1,000 in rebates. I think there’s a tax credit coming to us too. My point is, before you write off the gas insert as too expensive, look into what rebates and credits may be available in your area. It might end up being worth it for you. But if you just want it for ambiance and will only run it on occasion, then the Craigslist electric is the way to go. Good luck!

    • ittybittybungalow February 4, 2013 at 8:29 PM #

      Oh. Thanks for the tip! The ones I’m looking at on CL are gas, the one I inquired about included. I actually just heard back though, and that one is designed to go into an existing fireplace. But I am going to keep looking for a gas insert for sure I think the electric idea is off the table. BTW that space heater you gave me has been awesome these past couple weeks! Thanks again!


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