Backyard Bummin’

26 May

I don’t think I’ve shared much about the backyard since I built the pergola. Mostly, because it wasn’t someplace that I was especially proud of. Since I built the pergola I’ve been working on finishing the fence (which you can see in the pictures is not all of the way finished) In any event things have been shaping up back  there this summer so I thought I’d share the progress.

Here is an establishing shot to get you acquainted with the way that it is set up. In the foreground you can see my awesome driveway, a peek at the pergola, the garage and fence.

Once you round the corner you can see the entire pergola (which still needs to be stained). The patio, if you remember, I found on the curb and drove it over a few pavers at a time in my car until I had enough for a free patio! I recently planted Wisteria on the far side in hopes that it will eventually provide a bit of shade.



Here you can see the last of the Lilacs, some Iris and a Bleeding Heart


Here’s the back of the yard (unfinished fence, brown spots in the grass and all)


The last bit here is the side of the garage. I planted some tiny Clematis last year which seems to be growing extremely slow, you can also see more Iris. A young hydrangea sits just outside the frame.


Most of the plants are pretty young, so I’m really looking forward to them getting a bit larger and more established. I still need to finish off the fence behind the garage as well as complete the staining on the back of the fence and all of the pergola. But to be honest, I’m not really in that big of a rush. After all, its summer now!

2 Responses to “Backyard Bummin’”

  1. trudy May 27, 2013 at 6:48 AM #

    That looks lovely.

  2. Betsy May 29, 2013 at 2:23 PM #

    Thumbs up! 🙂
    And look how nice your fence looks and it isn’t inside out! (Is it just Baltimore? People installing fences inside out with the seams on the outside?)

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