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Bathroom Ceiling

21 Jan

Since the bathroom is a hot mess right now I figured I’d just keep going and add beadboard to the ceiling like I wanted. Sometimes there are do it yourself jobs, sometimes there are do it with a friend jobs and sometimes there are do yourself a favor and hire someone jobs. This was definitly a do it with a friend job. Standing on top of the toilet trying to hold a 4 foot by 4 foot panel of beadboard on to the ceiling and nail it in place just where it was supposed to be did not go well at all; furthermore, hammering upside down while this takes place is insanely difficult.

After a lot of cursing, and an “I give up break” including a nap and an episode of Dear Genevieve we  were in business. You can see here that I did manage to get the panels on the ceiling and I started to add crown molding around the perimeter of the room, but its not going well. I can’t seem to make the cuts right. It seems so simple but all the angles make my head spin. So, I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Here is the before picture:


and here is the what I have so far picture:




I think it looks a little more interesting. The room is small and it helps to draw your eye up making the space seem a little larger.Now, if I could only finish off that molding I’d be in ready to paint.

I’m also having thoughts about changing the curtains in there. I don’t like valances or café curtains and the blinds have to stay for obvious reasons but I’m not sure what other options there might be.Any thoughts?